Dr. Vandana Dhaktode

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Dr. Vandana (Aggarwal) Dhaktode (Lady Surgeon) has done her Mastery of Surgery (M.S.) degree in General Surgery from K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai.

Leading lady surgeon practising in OMand Sai Shraddha hospital.
Consultant at SRV MAMATA Hospital.

General Surgeon
Handling – Piles / Fissure/ Fistula, Breast, Hernia, Gastro intestinal Diseases

She secured Third Rank in University and Distinction in all subjects in the first M.B.B.S. (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry).

She has awarded the Lady Reay scholarship for highest marks in Physiology in girls.

In second year, she stood second in the university, securing distinction in Pharmacology, Microbiology and Forensic medicine. She was awarded the Seth Khimchand Amulakh prize and Medical Welfare Trust award for highest marks in Pharmacology.

In the third year, she secured distinction in ENT & Opthalmology.

She was awarded the Best Resident award during M.S., she passed her M.S. in January 1994. During her residency, she worked under Dr. A. N. Supe, General Surgeon and Gastro Entero Logist. She has worked with Dr. S. V. Shetty, General Surgeon at R. N. Cooper Hospital. She has done allied postings in Orthpaedics, Paediatric surgery, Gynaecology and obstetrics and ENT Surgery.

She has worked as a full timer in KDMC Hospital from Decmber 1994 to December 2000. She was honorary lecturer to MGM Medical College and Terna Medical College respectively which was attached to KDMC Hospital.

Honoured on 8th March 2004 International Womens Day by Innnerwheel Club of Dombivli 314 regarding contribution to Medical Field.

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